Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Day's Rest, Unexpected

A down day for us, not meaning depressed as much as not high activity, although we just about blew our gasket at our financial guys early in the morning. Despite our coming in LAST WEEK to get all the money transfers straight -- how much, from where, to where, by when -- the money for the closing was NOT liquid, and they were saying it wouldn't be until Friday (the 1st). Raymond told them to get the money transferred on time, that they had more than enough notice to get the transfers complete.

We ran errands all over town; in the evening, we played Freecell and Spider Sol on our computers, since we were surrounded by boxes. I tried to write the annotations for the first four novels of my second semester (Great Expectations, babel-17, Lord of Light, and Madame Bovary), but doing critical theory work based on character (rather than narrative structure) is difficult for me. I might not get them done in time for my packet, which paradoxically is going to my advisor several weeks early. If anyone tries to tell you that a low-residency MFA program is easy, send them to me. It's intense and enlightening.

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