Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rent an RV WHEN?

We had a huge, last-minute snafu with the closing on the house in North Carolina. Raymond received an email this morning that the closing costs are $1,000 higher (the cost of the fuel in the propane tank). Even though we had the funds, there was NO WAY we could wire that money in time for the closing, and the seller was not only antsy, but adamant about getting his money by Friday. Our realtor, bless her heart, offered to pay the additional monies, and we could reimburse her when we got to North Carolina. However, Raymond (or his attorney, I don't know which) suggested that Raymond simply put the check for the propane in the overnight priority package with the other closing paper to the attorney. This was after Raymond tore into him about having more than ample time to get all the data needed for closing, and that we had not only done our part from 3,000 miles away, but all the parties involved 'back there' are within a few miles of each other! Indeed, the mortgage lender is in the same building with our realtor!! She rode herd on the process, but apparently someone wasn't doing his job.

As Raymond and I were in my Honda on our way up to Everett, Washington to pick up the CruiseAmerica rental RV (winterized), he had a phone call from our realtor. Since he was driving (his hands-free ear piece for his cell phone was ALSO packed), I answered and talked with her. She was apologetic, but stated that [someone] was investigating why this closing went so badly, especially right up to the last minute, which was complicated by our being 3,000 miles away. Not because we weren't doing our part, and that includes anticipating and getting the arrangement done far in advance of deadlines. So much for professionalism.

Long story short, the house is ours, but I have NEVER seen Raymond in such a rage.

The rental RV is beautiful, and even though winterized, it'll make us more comfortable going across country. Winterized simply means that the tanks for water are not filled, and cannot be filled because freezing weather might freeze the water and crack the tanks. So no running water, but we're going to carry a few gallon jugs of water, buying more as we need them. We have a convection microwave oven, a three-burner propane stove, a refrigerator-freezer, and lots of storage overhead for groceries, etc. There is even a closet for clothes, with hangers, etc. Besides, the shower is a great place to put my angel-wing begonia, my Christmas cactus, my arrowhead vine, and my Ali-Rosemary plant. See? All things work out for the best.

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