Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Packers


Packers arrived: four gentleman, courteous, well spoken, very attentive listeners. We thought we had pointed out everything they were not to pack and that we had grabbed up the rest, but by that evening we found our error. Good thing I had my sneakers in my office, where I was working. I had gone down to get a pair of shoes to go out to get the mail, and the hall closet was empty! Already!!

Of course, Ceci's cat harness—which I had delayed putting on her, because she was so stressed with the tranquilized visit to the vet on the 16th, and then the every-other-night oral meds (which I got smart and ground up and served in tuna oil), and then the strangeness of boxes everywhere—was packed in a blink of an eye. Not only my shoes and Ceci's traveling harness, but Raymond's iPod, his multi-tool, my underwear (which I had to rescue). These guys were efficient, that's for sure! They only took one day, where they were supposed to take two (I had said I didn't think there was enough left in the house for two days of packing).

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