Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Decision

When one lives in God's country, why leave it? What would force two people—one of whom had lived in the Pacific Northwest since 1954 and the other since 1977—to dig up their deep ties to family and community and move three thousand miles away?

One word: sunshine.

Getting older has its advantages—a certain permission to speak one's mind, for example—but the ability to feel energetic in a country known for its rain forests diminishes. The decision became a choice: live with diminished energy and feel old or move into sunshine.

We chose to move, despite leaving behind family. There are regrets, of course, and even a sense of estrangement. However, like water on a dying bush, sunshine and clear skies have brought energy to grow and be alive.

This blog is a record of our decision, our trials, and our triumphs.


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